Welcome to the site, I am pleased you stopped by. I am now a handicapped 62 years old and by avocation a nature photographer.

I have always loved, respected and thoroughly enjoyed the world and people in it. thru out my life travels I have been taught many things, met many interesting people, situations and places. I have always found some enjoyment in every minute of it.

In this site I will bring them to you through articles, anecdotes and photographs. I hope you will enjoy the trips I will take you on. We will go places meet life and be with nature.

Each of us is a photographer of one kind or another, whether you are a family snapshot taker, consummate professional or just keep photos in your memory, come and tour life and the world with me.

Along your way remember to always pay attention to the world around you, it has many surprises both big and small and none should be missed.

Now come and meet Arizona in February with me. Soon we will meet many other people, places and adventures.

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